Thursday, November 26, 2009

Twitter App Ideas

After watching the 80-minute video about Google Wave I was inspired to write about how Twitter could be improved.

First I would like to see an app that shows a graphical view of users to easily navigate social circles. I would like to be able to view regions of twitter.

It would be reminiscent the “map of the Internet”, complete with profile pictures at the nodes. And to make navigation of this web easier, word clouds could be superimposed over groups to identify the “neighborhood” you are viewing.

This would take a lot of computing power to do but it would be so easy to find people in your circle and in your area of interest.

Second I would like to see how many of my followers are getting tweets directly to their phones. This would help me see how many people really like what I am saying.

It could be used as another measurement to see the involvement of followers.

To make it accurate people without their phone numbers on Twitter would have to be excluded from, or accounted for, in this measurement.

What would you improve on Twitter?

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