Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tourism: America's Future Job

With the recent economic crisis the value of the dollar has slipped. Our interest rates are very low (good for American businesses and home owners but unattractive to foreign investors) and the rest of the world doesn't trust us anymore. Other countries are dumping the dollar from their reserves and replacing it with other (in their opinion safer) currencies like the euro. Furthermore, politicians know how to fix the market but refuse to do so because it will cause some financial pain before the market gets better, making them look bad. (all politicians do it, don't worry). So how does this relate to tourism?

Well has anyone noticed the price of european goods recently? I wanted to buy the european car magazine, Evo, the other day but it cost $10 (but only 5 euros). So with a slipping dollar and politicians unwilling to sacrifice their popularity to fix the problem, foreign goods will cost even more. It will become very expensive for Americans to travel abroad like we have been doing, but on the flip side Europeans will be coming here because it will be cheap for them.

So my advice is to move to the coast, make some awesome souvenirs, make some money & enjoy a Pina Colada on the beach!

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