Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Followers Does Not Guarantee Twitter Success

The Subject

I just recently came across this twitter user and had to write about it, @***** has 30,000 followers. Yeah thirty thousand. But she is following 28,000. (so she followed her way to "fame". She is not an actress or a famous blogger, or a politician. Her description says she is a funny poet/mother. I cannot find much of her humor on her website, or on what she calls her “blog”, which is her twitter profile.

The Problem

So what? Big deal she is trying to put herself out there why am I trying to tear her down? Because of the relationship she has with her followers. There is no way she has the time or speed to follow 28,000 users. And likewise, her followers cannot pay attention to her because they are doing the same thing. Following for fame (you like it? Catchy right?). I looked at the page views of her twitpics and the bitly links she made (I know, I’m a great stalker!) and in both cases the links were clicked less that twenty times! Yeah. Out of 30,000 people 20 found time to check out the material she posted on twitter. 0.066% of her followers care to see what she has to post.

The Solution

So the moral is that it’s better to make real connections on social networks, than to worry about the numbers. And don’t follow for fame. Instead start conversations with your twitter friends and get to know them.


  1. I agree that's why I always start relationships with my twitter followers. Sometimes they'll even go all the way on the first tweet.