Thursday, November 12, 2009

how to get BIG on twitter

“how to get BIG on twitter” is the new “how to lose weight”. Different people saying the same thing:

Eat Less!

Tweet More!

Follow this work out!

Follow a lot of people!

Only do cardio!

Uhhhh… well, theres not a really twitter analogy for that one. Only tweet???

You get my point. So I have decided to make my own list of twitter do’s and dont’s.


Follow a reasonable amount of people

Tweet some each day (2-3) but not too much (20+).

Add a pic & bio about yourself

Mix up the material. Add some pics, vids, and links

Advertize your @username


Spam people

Give out your password to third parties who spam

Follow creepy people

Meet twitter folk in abandoned warehouses on the docks

Tweet about your cat. (just make your cat a twitter account)

Really you will have to learn most of this on your own. These are more like guidelines. In fact most of the biggest Twitterers (is that a word? Word doesn’t know it. But Word also doesn’t know facebook) are not famous for twitter but for something else. So make some videos, write some music, or start a blog!

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