Saturday, December 26, 2009

Do Cats Dust

As you may or may not know my family & I have a dog named Shelby. She is a black lab & we’ve had her for around a year now, I think, maybe two years? Our neighbors just recently found a cat & thought we would be suited to take care of it.

We thought the cat was a girl (& we named it Oreo) but the vet told us he was a guy! Sorry Oreo! (We then changed his name to Tux)

So having both a cat and a dog I’ve seen the differences in their personalities. Shelby is always active. She is playing with toys, bones, & just running around while Tux will take an interest in almost anything. We can entertain Tux with pipe cleaners, shreds of paper, or the classic string.

I think if our pets were people Shelby would be the first female in the NFL, she really is like a bumbling destructive linemen. Whereas Tux would be a renaissance man, observing the world & saving feelings with art.

I feel like Shelby is living to have fun without consequence to what she affects. She runs into chairs & knocks over tables, but Tux will walk around desk toys & contort himself to avoid touching anything. This brings us to the question:

Do cats dust?

That is, as hard as cats try to not affect anything, do they? As Tux walks he doesn’t really know how he is affecting his surroundings. Every little thing we do affects those around us. Even something seemingly insignificant changes the world. Tux is dusting our desk toys as he walks. Even when he doesn’t realize it.

Yes, cats dust, & people affect their surroundings more than they know.

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