Friday, December 4, 2009

5 People to follow on Twitter

Five funny people to follow on Twitter:

@ starvingafrican

famous tweet: “fucking hungry”

will make you feel terrible about eating that big mac at lunch… or maybe you will just laugh & wallow in your gluttony

@ Helen_Keller

famous tweet: “Vlaaaaaaaarm! Dawp dawp. Heeeemf!”

funny or thought provoking? Helen discovers twitter is faster than sign language.

@ michaeljackson

famous tweet: “This is it. Seriously. No more. Im really gone. I cant tweet anymore.”

How does he do it? Tweeting from the grave?! Wow! That’s cooler than the moonwalk!

@ KimJongil

famous tweet: “im so ronery”

Go be a friend to Kim. He needs you to tell him his pajamas don’t make him look fat.

@ darthvader

famous tweet: “The force is strong in me”

Second most powerful man in the galaxy? Pretty cool!

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