Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No More Superstars?

Just thinking of old stars like Elvis, The Beatles, and Michael Jackson and I wondered who will be next? Then I thought maybe no one.

In the early twentieth century families wanted to be alike. A working dad, stay at home mom, perfect kids, a white picket fence.People lived like hobbits.

Now everyone has their own family situation, their own likes, their own personality and they want to show that to the world.

People today are living like rock stars. Not only in the way they spend money but also in the way they share their lives. Hundreds of pictures on personal profiles, a self centered society.

Everyone wants attention. And the only way to get attention?

To be different.

To like the newest undiscovered band. To eat at the small undiscovered restaurant downtown.To know, before anyone else, breaking news.

The fastest way to kill a cool band or product is to force it mainstream with advertizing. Once everyone likes it, no one does.

With the culture we have we cannot have stars be popular for extended periods of time. Once they get popular they peak.

On the other side to stay on top you have to:

Stay relevant.

Always change.

Make people like you for who you are, not who is following you.

Will we have another ElvisBeatleJackson? I don’t think so.

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