Monday, February 1, 2010


“Practice makes perfect.”

oldest adage?

Maybe not but one of the most annoying.

Nobody wants to practice but everyone wants the rewards and in today’s society its easy to get by without doing much work.

Everyone wants to be Warren Buffet but most people do not want to take that first risky step & invest in that first company.

With the Internet small scale operations have sprung up everywhere making it easy to jump in the game. The Internet reduces start up costs by eliminating the need for a store & in some cases a physical product (think iphone apps or entertainment media)

Warren Buffet started by buying stock ($228 investment) then he moves on to real estate ($1,200 investment) and next to pinball machines ($25 investment).

Of these three investments the best entry point is the $25 pinball investment. This is an example of an inexpensive learning opportunity.

Look for a hole in the market, somewhere you can make money doing something small. Putting pinball machines around town. Buying things on sale locally & marking them up to full price online. Selling goodwill clothes online. (im a college student so I wont spend more that $35 on a fun test but set your limit)

These are all small investment opportunities that will help you see if you like it without the risk of your life savings.

My point is start investing small & see where it goes.

Start with $20 & shoot to sell it for $23. Its not much, but then the first steps never are.