Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Effectively Reaching Your Audience

Just wanted to do a quick update. As you may or may not know I post new content to the Internet at around 11(eastern time) in the morning. I have read many other blogs to determine that this is the best time for east coast people to tweet.

At #blogchat on Sunday (if your not in the conversation join in! Sundays @ 9 but next 2 weeks will be on Monday) one of the topics was when and how many times to tweet new material.

Most people agreed that 2-4 times per day is a good amount to tweet the same post. This helps make sure that followers around the world see your content. (you don’t want to forget your followers on the other side of the world!)

This Monday when I tweeted a new post and new art I scheduled a second round of tweets to send in the early morning (eastern time), and my click count doubled!

Don’t send your followers a barrage of tweets every hour but choose key time to repeat your message. Times like lunchtime, after work but before dinner, & during the night. Scheduling tweets really helps with this.

Remember to use analytic sites like, hootsuite, and Google analytics to asses how effective you are at reaching your audience!

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