Monday, January 18, 2010

Are you being heard or listened to?

Everyone wants to be heard. Everyone wants to put in his or her two cents, blah blah blah.

Most often the loudest people are the ones the crowd hears, but there is a difference between being heard and being listened to.

Being heard really just means you are the loudest, but when people listen they actively want to hear what you have to say and they will seek you out to hear what you say.

On the Internet no one can talk the loudest. They can talk the most though! Talking a lot on a blog or on twitter is self-destructive.

If you post a lot you are burying the few good things you have to say with garbage. I already see my live twitter feed as a waterfall & it is my job to sift out the diamonds that are falling with the water. If you are tweeting too much you are just diluting the diamonds with more water.

Building a following takes time. I used to scour the Internet in search of new cool ideas and products, and I would tweet a new link once a day.

That was too much.

I was posting great material but people still didn’t want to see it because they were still thinking about what I posted yesterday not to mention all the things the other people they follow posted.

If you want people to listen to what you have to say; speak less.

So now I post a new cool link, blog post, or art every two or three days. This might even be a much but it spreads out the new stuff, lets me RT the story a few times to make sure everyone has seen in, & most importantly it lets me concentrate on making better quality material.

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  1. How true it is that some people would rather be heard than listened to.